We believe cybersecurity should be easy. It shouldn’t be difficult, convoluted or costly, but this is too often the case.

We founded SolCyber to help small to mid-sized businesses achieve cyber resilience easily.

We’re the polar opposite of other security providers because we’ve taken onboard all the time-consuming tasks you know too well (and highly doubt love)… all you experience is a predictable, affordable and breathe easy outcome.

Why hasn’t this happened earlier? We don’t know, but we’re sure as heck glad we can offer it to you now.

We’re not going to pedal silver bullets, but we are going to shake up how things are done. It might be a little bit confronting and nothing like you’ve experienced before, but we’re turning the way cybersecurity has been “managed” on its head.

If we were holding up picket signs, they’d be saying:

  • No more cyber distractions.
  • No more to overpaying for stuff that isn’t working.
  • No more to managing multiple vendors and countless SKUs.
  • No more to months and months of implementation.
  • No more to convoluted cyber insurance renewals.
  • Yes, to Fortune 500 level security for all!