Why do SOC Teams need Threat Intelligence?

Preemptive detection provides SOC teams competitive advantage in their fight against cyber attackers.
With contextualized threat intelligence, SOC analysts have clear guidelines for effective threat hunting.

As the ‘Extension to SOC Teams’ SOCRadar aims to provide SOC teams actionable and contextualized threat intelligence with
minimized false positives.

Let us be your eyes on the dark web

Even tiny pieces of information can save your organization from a devastating cyberattack. Getting one step ahead of cyber criminals can only be possible with monitoring them in the reconnaissance phase. Most of the SOC analysts can barely find time to monitor the deep and dark web, although they would like to do.

Your SOC’s virtual team member, SOCRadar, can monitor hacker forums, Telegram channels, and many other communications tools attackers use to organize an attack.

Find your way out of chaos with IOC enrichment

One of the indispensable parts of threat hunting is the IOC search and enrichment. When analyzed effectively IOCs has become extremely useful signals for SOC teams in identifying potentially malicious activity.

Dealing with IOCs is a delicate task. While querying data for specific artifacts, SOC analysts must avoid result overload. For an actionable outcome, IOC search should be enriched with threat intelligence.

SOCRadar correlates IOCs with your digital assets and malicious indicators for a streamlined workflow in IOC management.