Secure your Sensitive Data and Prevent External & Internal Threats
ZoneZero – Zero Trust the Right Way!

Today, securing sensitive data is more difficult—and more important—than ever before. Modern scanning and hacking tools mean that attackers have their sights set on every organization, regardless of size or vertical.This makes you a target. We’re here to help you take control your access for applications and files, two of the most common corporate entry points for malware and other threats. There’s a lot of talk about Zero Trust in the security world today.

Far from just jumping on the ZT bandwagon, ensuring completely secure access to files and applications is a key element of establishing a robust and resilient security strategy. But that secure access needs to be user-friendly, to help employees get to the resources they need quickly, without hassle.

Our unique approach gives IT teams and security leaders the locked-down access they need while streamlining procedures for employees to make it simple and frustration-free. Providing our users with these two seemingly opposing feature sets is a tall order, but it’s exactly what we do here, every day, for every customer. This is why we’re proud to call ourselves the Masters of Access.