Polymer DLP

About Polymer

SaaS has changed the security landscape requiring a new form of data loss prevention (DLP). Polymer was built for this new reality with input from hundreds of security, compliance, and legal professionals.


Monitor and control the flow of sensitive data for the modern enterprise minimizing risk while maximizing value. People, processes and systems must work in concert with data to deliver results. Polymer defines the proper paths for information flow and guides the employees towards these pathways.


Data is moving faster than ever across more third party systems than ever before and with this speed comes risk and opportunity. Polymer prevents sensitive data exposure across your SaaS apps without slowing your business. Auto remediation precisely redacts sensitive data allowing the rest of the info to flow through while suggesting the proper channel for the sensitive data. Prevention and guidance. The future is guidance and understanding.


Polymer was born out of on-the-ground challenges experienced by the founding team implementing MDM, GDPR, and CCAR programs at Deutsche Bank, CIBC, Voya Financial, S&P, and several large healthcare providers. Compliance, Governance and Security were growing more intertwined and to solve the issues and address the real risk required a complete solution to address them all. The challenges are consistent enough to build a product and manage across companies at scale—risk management as a service. Now, our customers are helping to write the story.