About Itrica

Itrica focuses on business outcomes. We solve infrastructure and application integration challenges for enterprises tasked with meeting the most stringent security, compliance, and resiliency demands on a fixed budget. We take a consultative approach that recognizes one size does not fit all and that requirements often change over time. We fashion customized solutions built on our highly connected global infrastructure and offer a robust portfolio of managed cloud services, data protection, remote management and application integration.

We accomplish this all through our white-glove approach to customer service. We are not a DIY shop and we don’t profess to compete with the hyperscale cloud providers. If you are seeking a different approach to solving technical challenges and need a hand, grab ours.

Our History

Itrica was established in 2006 to develop a technology solution to reduce the time, cost and effort required to manage a clinical trial. Itrica worked closely with a Boston-based Academic Research Organization to develop a platform to simplify the management of clinical trials by replacing inefficient, paper-based manual processes with easy, fast, and cost-effective web-based alternatives, providing all trial participants (Managers, Technicians, Clinicians, Investigators, Auditors, etc.) an easy-to-use system providing high quality data and event management. Over the course of 10 years the platform was developed, prototyped and honed resulting in the successful launch of several name-recognized drugs to market.

In 2011, Itrica’s sister company, Cloud Provider USA, was founded to build technology solutions that reduce the cost and time required for businesses to manage their infrastructure. Soon after its inception, Cloud Provider USA quickly positioned itself as the enterprise cloud that delivers high performance, compliance and ease-of-use for new commercial and open-source products. The companies were merged in late 2013 as the unification of service offerings opened up new opportunities for both teams — Itrica’s history as a compliance-oriented software development team, along with Cloud Provider USA’s expertise in developing a compliant infrastructure-as-a-service platform was a perfect match.

With a deep understanding of regulated industries, Itrica developed its own compliant cloud platform for running critical, high-performance workloads with integrated cloud data mobility and data protection. We certified as 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA in 2006 and then added SOC 2 Type II in 2011. This is the core platform on which we provide all of our services today.

We currently host a variety of applications based on our storied past and continue to provide various compliance-based services on this robust infrastructure. And we are always investing and improving our foundation. Our next step is to help clients integrate into Web 3 ecosystem — either as developers or validators.