Mission & Vision

To significantly improve operations efficiency, and reduce the cost of operations for our customers.

To build a global corporation renowned for its relentless focus on optimization, distinguished by its repertoire of inventive processes, enterprising staff, and cutting edge tools.

Why iOPEX?

iOPEX is a new-generation  Digital services provider  offering optimized Digital Engineering, Operations and Studio services. We are process innovators focused on extracting the best out of the investments you have already made. At iOPEX, we help you  realize that golden ratio  where your technology and business are in complete synergy, making your company greater than the sum of its parts.  Founded in 2009 , the demand for our specialized optimization services has helped us   grow 60% YoY .

We don't  believe in a "one size fits all" policy and have seen the difference that a tailor-made offering can bring to businesses, and this is exactly why we love building custom solutions for all our clients. We take pride in challenging ourselves and extending boundaries to create new products and novel solutions for traditional and new age business. Our suite of tools are high on performance but low on costs, and put your existing infrastructure to judicious use. Our customer-centricity, ability to take on challenges and financial risks, and go-getter DNA bring to you a partner who is easy to work with, and who delivers beyond promises. No wonder we boast of a marquee list of Fortune 500 clients, and many more, each being 100% reference-able.