Description of iCompaas:

iCompaas is a CyberSecurity startup focused on empowering CTOs and CISOs to efficiently implement company-wide security strategy. We provide compliance and security Insights through automation, knowledge base and contextual control mapping for SOC1, SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, CIS Levels 1 and 2 etc.

We enable Small Businesses (SMB) to have compliance and security insights through automation and empower CTOs and CISOs to efficiently implement security strategies. We help:

  1.  Get Compliance Certified – Expedite your Audit Readiness journey in the cloud
  2. Visualize Compliance and Security Posture
  3. Solve scalability concerns – Use our AWS Cloud Well-Architected Framework and establish posture
  4. Save OpEx Costs – By utilizing our custom cost-saving recommendations
  5. Enable Live Notifications – We helps with continuous Monitoring and Alerting

iCompaas Product Features:

  •  Continuous Security & Compliance – iCompaas triggers notifications of critical configuration
  •  Automated Compliance – iCompaas generates policies for compliance requirements across multiple frameworks
  •  Audit Readiness – iCompaas helps with compliance readiness in turn makes the customer approach auditors for certification
  •  Remediation Knowledge Base – iCompaas has a comprehensive KB that would help with remediation for DevOps team
  •  Pricing – iCompaas is Transparent about costing
  • Compliance Questionnaires – Detailed questionnaire helps to auto generate standard policy documents
  •  Generate Cost Recommendations – Potentially reduce cloud spend and save on Capex and Opex costs with our cost optimization tool
  •  Auditor Login – A complete workflow dedicated to making the Auditor and clients life easy – https://app.icompaas.com/auditor
  •  Continuous Security and Compliance Monitoring
  •  Continuous Notification and Alerting
    • Via Email
    • Via Integration with other tools like Slack, Twilio, MS Teams, etc.
  • Dedicated Accounts Manager – iCompaas has a Cloud Architect who will perform an initial infra assessment
  •  Adding Team to iCompaas – Add other team members to your account be able to use the iCompaas services