HelpSystems is a leading provider of systems and network management, business intelligence, and security and compliance solutions. Our software reduces data center costs by improving operational control and delivery of IT services.

Founded in 1982, we have offices worldwide and more than 8,700 customers from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our mission is to be an expert provider of data center software that solves real business problems.

We take pride in offering the best service in the industry. Our calls are answered the old fashioned way—by a live person. We do not use interactive voice response. And our support teams provide award-winning, knowledgeable, and friendly service.

HelpSystems brands include: Robot, Sequel, Powertech, Skybot (now Automate Schedule), Automate, Safestone, Bytware, Showcase, Intermapper, CCSS, RJS, BugBusters, Linoma Software,TeamQuest, Tango/04, and Fox Technologies.