Firedome has pioneered agent-based endpoint protection for IoT devices deployed in enterprise networks. IoT devices account for 30% of all endpoints on corporate networks and are the easiest penetration point to the enterprise network.  Once inside the network, attackers pivot deeper into the enterprise network and execute attacks resulting in business disruption and data leakage across the organization.

The Firedome EPP allows organizations to prevent advanced attack types such as supply chain and insider threat attacks on IoT endpoints that would otherwise be undetectable by existing security controls.

Firedome is democratizing Endpoint Protection for IoT by working with both device vendors and enterprise security teams to bridge security gaps and extend Endpoint Protection to IoT. Finally, agent-based IoT security is available and enterprises can receive the same level of security on IoT devices that they have on IT endpoints.

Providing defense-in-depth protection along the attack chain, Firedome combines prevention, detection, response, and forensic data into a unified solution which integrates into existing SIEM platforms. Firedome works with enterprise IoT device vendors to enable Firedome EPP to be deployed on IoT devices in all the stages of their lifecycle: pre-installed, deployed and end of support.