FilingBox is a secure data storage that uses our patented Hybrid WORM disk technology to protect and secure your data.

Our Hybrid WORM (Write Once Read Many) disk technology combines the concept of a CD-ROM writer with a specialised file server. It uses a simple switch on the admin panel to allow you to toggle between the different modes: WORM, Read & Write. On WORM mode, the technology works like a conventional CD-ROM writer, only allowing data to be created and read, not deleted or modified. However, when the toggle is switched to Read/Write mode, it works like a normal file server, providing you with the ability to delete and modify data.

Our mission was to create a collaborative document management system, that provides our users with an easy to use interface to collaborate and share files in a safe and secure manner.

FilingBox was founded in 2016 by our CEO, John Woo. Since the company’s inception, the FilingBox team applied this technology to three unique products targeting Enterprise, Server and Consumer Markets.

Products include: FilingBox Enterprise, FilingBox MEGA & FilingBox MINI.