We know it’s a struggle to confidently align cyber protection measures to the risk appetite of your organization. The appropriate resources just don’t exist – and it sucks. 

Critical Start empowers security leaders with a Managed Cyber Risk Reduction (MCRR) solution that delivers continuous security posture improvement and the strongest protection against threats possible.   

We provide holistic cyber risk monitoring via our Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform, paired with a human-led risk and security operations team. By continuously monitoring and mitigating cyber risks, Critical Start enables businesses to proactively protect their critical assets with a measurable ROI.  


Our approach

Traditional cybersecurity approaches worked – until they didn’t. Security leaders need a proven, cost-effective, guided, and measurable approach to cyber risk reduction that goes beyond the historically manual, non-evidence based, limited scope assessments the industry provides. That’s where we come in. 

We go beyond Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to MCRR, a proactive and holistic solution to cybersecurity. We do this by combining cyber risk monitoring with a human-led risk and security operations team to provide the greatest organizational cyber risk reduction per dollar spent. We provide customers with maturity assessments, posture analytics, and event detection and response orchestration with an expert team that can act on their behalf.