Our Vision

To build the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology, that identifies and resolves digital threats.

CloudSEK’s central proposition is leverage Artificial Intelligence to build a rapid and reliable detection, analysis, and alert system that offers swift detection across internet sources , precision analysis of threats and prompt resolution with minimal human intervention.


Our Mission

To produce machines that enable Digital Security by emulating human capability to learn and evolve.

The future is: systems that can emulate human cognition to understand, learn, and adapt. CloudSEK has set its sights on building an AI based system that can navigate the internet like an intelligent human, albeit faster, more thoroughly, and with fewer errors.



Innovation is the nexus of an unaddressed problem and determined problem-solver. And that’s what happened in 2015, when Rahul Sasi, the Founder and CTO of CloudSEK, realized that there wasn’t a comprehensive solution to monitor external cyber threats. There were internal threat monitoring solutions such as Anti-virus, IDS, and IPS, but these did not address the threats posed by the surface web, deep web, dark web, and internet-exposed infrastructure.

‍The goal was to build an Al-based threat management platform that detects, analyses, and reports actionable threats to organizations. In its first iteration, our platform -XVigil, was partly manual and partly driven by machine learning. In its current avatar, the platform is wholly automated, gathering and analysing 37 GB of data every day.

When the initial version was launched in 2017, we showcased the product to our friends in the industry, and within a few months, we had clicked our first order, from a US-based tech company.  Over the years we have built a diverse team of ambitious individuals, whose complementary skills and working styles, has enabled us to serve 37 organizations globally.