Protect Your Digital Life™

 High-value employees have become the path of least resistance and a key source of compromise for corporations. Attacks against executives can compromise their personal accounts, enable corporate breaches, and can even compromise their reputation, wealth, and physical security.

Read how high-profile executives, CISOs, and individuals are taking their power back.

Concierge Support

 Cyberattackers don’t keep office hours. That’s why our personalized services are tailored to fit your critical needs down to the second.
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     Physical security has always been a priority for individuals and companies. Businesses invest in cybersecurity for corporate networks. But what about people? What about our digital lives? As we become more connected and store more personal information on our devices, we’re becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is especially true for executives, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals who are targets due to their wealth, authority, or influence. Unfortunately, there has been no solution comprehensive enough to solve this problem. Until now.

    We founded BlackCloak to unite the top leaders in cybersecurity, privacy, and engineering to solve this growing challenge. Informed by decades of experience, our team has developed a concierge privacy and cybersecurity platform that measurably protects every aspect of your digital life. Merging enterprise-grade technology with expert advice, guidance, and education, we deliver concierge-style plans that match the unique threats our clients face. With BlackCloak, you can protect your digital life — and your peace of mind — anytime, anywhere.