Bavelle Technologies

Bavelle Technologies is a Cyber Security and Managed IT Solutions provider that focuses on its customer’s business challenges rather than technology alone.

We provide greater protection against malicious attacks and weaponized content through our customizable solutions and services. No two organizations will be protected the same because they are each secured by their individual needs. We offer unique, distinguished solutions through our collaborations with other cybersecurity partners. Relying on our security team and cybersecurity products ensures complex IT problems and advanced threats won’t stand a chance.

Deceptive Bytes is an endpoint-centric prevention and deception-based solution that dynamically responds to attacks as they evolve and changes their outcome. Deceptive Bytes tricks the attacker’s attempt to recon and invade the IT environment by deceiving them into believing they’re in a hostile or unattractive territory to attack, which deters them from executing their malicious activity at all stages of the Attack Kill Chain. Through these deception tactics, Ransomware, for example, will believe it succeeded in encrypting files, while Deceptive Bytes is actually safeguarding them. Without relying on signatures, patterns, or constant updates, expect high prevention and detection rates against Zero Days and evasive attacks.