Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks, the leader in cyber deception and attack lateral movement detection, provides scalable protection, detection, and data concealment solutions for endpoints, Active Directory, and network devices. Comprehensive coverage is available for on-premises, clouds, remote worksites, and specialized attack surfaces. Automated attack analysis and third-party integrations accelerate incident response.

The Attivo Networks mission is to provide a superior defense for countering in-network threat activity. The company achieves this by focusing on stage two attack activities that occur once an endpoint has been compromised. The ThreatDefend Platform has three core elements that focus on and align to identity compromise, privilege escalation, and lateral movement attack activities.

Identity compromise solutions protect credentials and entitlements by finding and categorizing risky credential exposures and the attack paths that they create to critical assets. This visibility uniquely spans across endpoints, Active Directory (AD), and clouds and are powerful resources for attack surface reduction.