Apona Security

What is Apona?

At Apona, we build comprehensive and competitively priced security solutions to help organizations understand and fortify their source code. Delivered through a streamlined cloud platform, we provide the largest range of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) functions on the market, from secure code review to transparent reporting. We combine the power of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) alongside SCA for unparalleled code security and vulnerability management.

Secure Code Review

Apona incorporates a patented 3-layer SCA technology and SAST solution to capture vulnerabilities from open-source and proprietary-source components, coding errors, and other sources.

SBOM Creation

Apona's quick and painless SBOM capabilities create an accurate inventory of the software components used in your application, providing full transparency into unseen vulnerabilities and license issues.

Remediation Plan

Apona provides clear and actionable patch recommendations, helping to quickly remediate security issues and effortlessly fix vulnerabilities with instant solutions for vulnerable functions.

Accurate & Transparent Reporting

Apona's reporting tools allow you to easily generate and share security assessments with stakeholders in multiple formats, proving your code is ready to survive in harsh environments.