Women CyberSecurity Society


Empowering women for cybersecurity throughout the lifecycle of their career!

Our mission is to advance and retain women and marginalized groups within the cybersecurity industry.  We understand support is needed  throughout the lifecycle of a career!  No matter if you're seasoned veteran or just getting started in cybersecurity, we have programs and services here to help you! 

We aim to increase diversity and inclusion while increasing workforce skills and lowering the gender gaps within the industry.  An estimated 3.5 million jobs* will be vacant by 2021.

"Whether they are employed in the public or private sectors, they are guardians of our national and economic security."  ~ US President, Executive Order, May 2, 2019

The partnerships we build focus on fostering opportunities and leading the way for women to succeed.  Women should not just survive but thrive when they receive the support and equal opportunities to achieve goals and leadership positions.

*Source:  Cybersecurity Ventures 2018