Mand Consulting Group

Infrastructure Security

Our infrastructure penetration testing assessment highlights security flaws within your system infrastructure, and can help protect your data against ransomware, trojans, and phishing attacks. We take pride in achieving Domain Admin in 95% of the Active Directory (AD DS) security assessments we've undertaken.
  • Our team undertakes regular training to stay up to date
  • Comprehensive reporting of attack paths and vulnerabilities
  • Strict data handling policies - ISO27001 certified organization
  • Free retesting of identified vulnerabilities

Our Approach

Our approach to infrastructure security encompasses a holistic and systematic evaluation of your organization's network and systems to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your overall security posture. We employ a combination of manual assessment and automated tools to identify potential weaknesses and mitigate security risks.

Final Deliverable

At the end of the engagement, we deliver a comprehensive in-depth report articulating the technical findings and risk ratings. Each finding has a tailored description, remediation, and reproductions steps. Our final report follows a three-part internal QA process to ensure grammar, quality, and accuracy. At a high-level, our report includes the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Assessment Overview
  • Methodology
  • Detailed Vulnerabilities
  • Risk Ratings
  • Appendices