ISSA Sacramento Chapter

About ISSA Sacramento

About ISSA Sacramento

The Sacramento Valley Chapter of ISSA enjoys members from the academic, public and private sectors. Members receive the benefits of learning and sharing knowledge about information security.

The primary purpose of ISSA Sacramento is to educate its members about technical and management practices that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources.

The objectives of ISSA Sacramento are

  1. Expand the knowledge and skills of members by promoting and providing education in the field of information security;
  2. Encourage the free exchange of information and ideas among members;
  3. Keep members informed of current events in information technology and information security;
  4. Communicate the importance of securing information and improving information security awareness to stakeholders, managers, professionals and non-professionals.

A variety of events are available to chapter members. Chapter meetings are held once per month, generally on the second or third Friday. Cyber Defender Workshops, which are a hands-on meeting encouraging learning and developing new skills and exploring new products, are also offered from time to time. The Chapter also orchestrates information security seminars, symposia and other events.