Inspiring Hackers for Change

In order to understand how this Hackers for Change came about, it is helpful to first look at the activity of hacking as a whole. This activity has traditionally held many negative connotations, being solely associated with malicious activities. This misrepresentation of hacking does not paint the whole picture, where for many hacking is a passionate activity that is rewarding for those who enjoy complex challenges that require them to employ creative solutions.

Addressing the stigma around hacking introduces a simple question; how can hacking instead be channeled in an ethical way to help communities, and change the harmful narrative?

The answer to this question is the philosophy of helping others on which Hackers for Change was founded in July, 2020.

Taking Action

If we are going to change the perception in the community, it is necessary to bring change into the community. There is an undeniable need for cybersecurity services now more than ever with so many organizations moving their operations online, however this is a problem for many which cannot afford the industry costs. Our solution is to remove this barrier for those most at-risk in our community; other non-profit and charity organizations, and to offer these services at no cost.

To undertake this, Hackers for Change uses a team of volunteer security consultants, who are also passionate in helping others through ethical hacking. In turn, we help those with passions develop careers through providing valuable hands-on experience.

In an increasingly connected and digitized world no business is safe from cyber attacks. At Hackers for Change our mission is to educate and enable charities to protect their computer and information systems allowing them to focus on maximizing their social impact. Our vision is to be Canada’s cyber security leader for charities while inspiring and empowering today’s youth to pursue a career in the cyber security field.