Each week, we’ll be sharing links to some of our favorite blogs from our partners. This week, we’re all about data. Whether it’s about protecting yours from the Microsoft Exchange hack, a thoughtful look on data intelligence, a “less-is-more” approach, and more. You’ll want to add these blogs to your regular reading list to ensure you stay on top of the latest trends in cybersecurity.


Luck favors the prepared… and Cymulate agrees. Cymulate Labs came out with two threat attack simulations for their customers to ensure their set to defend against the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities. Review their blog and ensure you’re ready.


Smarter data management is the key. A thoughtful take on real data intelligence from OneTust’s blog, dubbed Real Data Intelligence: A balance between seeking data value and mitigating risk.


The classic adage of “Less is More” is true, even when it comes to data. Ordr’s Danny Jump joins their blog for his first post. 


The year of breaches continues, and attackers always have their eye on the prize: access to the active directory. Attivo Networks’ Chief Security Advocate is covering ways to stay protected in these trying times in her post “Recent Attacks Command New Innovation for Stronger Active Directory Security.”


Who doesn’t love a peek behind the curtain? Ivanti’s blog covers their recent moves in the industry, and discusses the intelligence and value behind “acquisition with intent.” This company is focused on smart growth, says CEO and Chairman Jim Schraper, in his recent blog post, “The Rise of the Everywhere Workplace.”


Looking to move into a multi-cloud strategy? Don’t miss this post from Pure Storage’s Dan Kogan, who offers five critical steps in implementation. This is a helpful post in any stage of planning for multi-cloud, titled “5 Steps for a Successful Muticloud Strategy.”

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Weekly Partner Roundup: The Data Edition

Industry News Posted by Jen Greco on Mar 26, 2021

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