Lisa Kearney

Lisa Kearney

Founder, President & CEO - Women CyberSecurity Society

Ms. Kearney has been serving the cybersecurity community for over two decades securing networks, systems, and data for hundreds of companies around the globe. In 2009, she started her own cybersecurity consulting practice which provides technical and business expertise to Canada’s largest security providers while working with governments, academia, and fortune 500 companies. Lisa has a degree in computer science, numerous certifications and is active within the cybersecurity community. She keeps up to date on the latest trends and attack vectors currently used to compromise organizations and breach data and uses that information for threat hunting exercises. She continues to developed new products, services and processes to address the increasing threat levels of targeted attacks which affects Canada’s national and economic security.

Early in 2018, Lisa founded the Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) which is dedicated to providing services and support for women and minorities interested in a cybersecurity career. Their mission is to #recruit, #retrain, and #retain women within the cybersecurity workforce. The R3 program is a collaboration of industry players who recognize the need to build capacity for the next generation of cyber warriors and close the gender gap for increased diversity and inclusion. WCS2 offers mentoring, coaching, scholarships, career development, and more to address the growing demands and provide much-needed support to this underrepresented group. WCS2 is growing its network of partners and collaborators which include government, technology providers and educators.

To further the mission of WCS2, Lisa founded a global campaign, International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD) which has two goals; bring awareness to the unique challenges women face and build solutions to elicit change and celebrate their achievements within the industry.

The national petition will be live mid-February for Canada and the United Nations to recognize September 1st as IWCD.