Laurel Schneider

Laurel Schneider

Fractional CISO at VytalHealth & CareDirect

Laurel Schneider is a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with over 20 years of business, technical, and management experience. She is well-versed in preventing, detecting, mitigating, and remediating cybersecurity risks. Laurel has directed enterprise-wide cybersecurity programs to ensure regulatory and legal compliance, cyber risk management, and threat resolution.

She earned a Doctoral Certificate in Cybersecurity from Northcentral University, a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Technology from the University of Maryland Global Campus, an MBA from Columbia College of Missouri, and a BA from Lakeland College. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Northcentral University, focusing on Computer and Information Security. Her research interests include security awareness, social engineering, and the human factor of cybersecurity risk.

Laurel has been involved in higher education since 2009. She served as the Faculty Program Director for the Undergraduate Cybersecurity Program and the National Cybersecurity Institute Director for Excelsior University. Laurel teaches and provides subject matter expertise in cybersecurity, information technology, business, and general education at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She also serves on several college and university advisory boards.

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