John McClure

John McClure

Chief Information Security Officer

Mr. McClure is a trusted and proven information security and business leader. Mr. McClure is a proud military veteran, who upon leaving military service continued to support the US Government leading large information security programs before entering the private sector. Mr. McClure is a strategic thinker who has built and improved information security programs to increase organization’s security postures while reducing risk. Mr. McClure has been instrumental towards advancing business and technology goals by providing greater visibility into organizational risks and creating comprehensive initiatives to reduce risk.

Mr. McClure excels in both pre and post-breach environments. He has successfully created comprehensive strategies and led large global enterprises with highly targeted environments. He has been instrumental in leading, engineering and operating complex, robust, and extensible computer network defenses to protect an organization’s most critical business assets. Additionally, Mr. McClure has built and managed highly-distributed multi-disciplinary teams that focused on all areas of information security – including protection and defense, vulnerability management, threat detection and response, forensic analysis, offensive security teams, compliance, awareness, training, and third party risk management.

Mr. McClure is a trusted, engaging, and thoughtful member of the C-suite. Mr. McClure retains a strong technical competency and stays abreast of new business, technology, and security developments and trends so that he is able to easily translate highly technical concepts into language that is easily consumed by other C-suite members, business leaders and the board.

Mr. McClure remains highly supportive of educational initiatives to include having taught post-graduate courses at the University of Virginia, participating as a speaker at various international conferences and educational events, and by founding a thriving information security professional’s community in South America.

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