I am a CIO for community banks and I help people overcome their fear of technology. I’m a strategic leader, and my teams achieve well-defined business objectives and turn long-range vision into reality.

I’ve been in the banking industry for 20+ years, but open to new industries where my regulatory, information security, and business experiences could be leveraged.

I’m currently seeking regular FT employment with a local organization in the Kansas City metro, a remote position with moderate travel, or a virtual position (vCIO/vCISO).

In the past 7 years, I’ve served as the CIO and CISO for six community banks spread across Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. I have mastered managing multiple sites and working remotely with teams by building trust, having a deep understanding of the business, and being an effective communicator. Prior to that, I was a technology executive for 10 years for a three-bank, $2.5 billion holding company in the Kansas City MSA.

I am well versed in a number of IT disciplines with Project Management and Risk Management (including Cybersecurity) being top strengths. I previously earned the PMP certification and would be able to re-certify if necessary. I am a dynamic manager that can easily adjust to existing protocols or help champion new methodologies.

I champion organizational change by being a pioneer of fresh and renewed ideas. I value relationships and build trust through honesty, open communication, and follow-through.