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Web Briefing

Red Sift’s cybersecurity products work together to block outbound phishing attacks, analyze the security of inbound emails, and provide domain impersonation defense for company-wide threat protection.

Entrust enables security with a greater level of trust, in every interaction and everywhere enterprises, people, and data move. Our identity solutions enable the trusted access needed to keep commerce, citizens, and data moving safely.

Red Sift

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Top Cybersecurity Concerns

Senior cybersecurity professionals will discuss why your 3rd party vendors put you at higher risk than you think, including details on all the undisclosed breaches that may not be circulating in the news.

Live Interactive CISO Panel

Get Involved! Ask questions to the live expert CISO panelists to share concerns, ideas and get involved with the cybersecurity community.

Best Practices

Industry experts will discuss their experiences, intended plans, and exchange best practices for how to address third-party risk management and compliance.


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Red Sift & Entrust Web Briefing

The briefing will focus on how cybersecurity ratings (CSR) have evolved, where industry analysts see gaps, and the innovations expected over the next 12-18 months. Cybersecurity leaders, whether at large firms with thousands of partners or smaller organizations with 20 crucial ones, ought to be thinking about new approaches to resilience such as chaos engineering and discussions of systemic and cognitive risk, will find great value in this discussion.

Attend the Web Briefing to learn:

  • Best strategies to approach and measure risk
  • How to integrate continuous monitoring for your third-party risk
  • How to develop a common language for communicating risk to gain management buy-in and support

Expert Speakers

CISO Panelists

Paul Chavez

Chief Information Security Officer

Christina Newell

Chief Information Security Officer

Mike Smith

Chief Information Security Officer

Day of Agenda

Staff Registration & Rooms

Please complete the registration form ASAP, Staff registration closes one week prior to the event, limited staff changes will be allowed thereafter. Only registered staff have lead scanner access. Please note the specific SETUP and TEAR down dates to book all travel times accordingly.

Welcome & Introductions

Jul 21, 2:00 PM

Overview of the Current 3rd-party risk Management Landscape

Jul 21, 2:05 PM

CISO Panel Discussion

Jul 21, 2:20 PM

Live Q&A and Closing

Jul 21, 3:10 PM


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