Speaking sponsors must complete this form with all the presenter details and include as much information as possible to help promote your session (minimum 250-300 word abstract). The material presented is intended to be educational and informative. Research, cybersecurity trends, direction and analysis, all make for excellent presentations.

Speaker may not be a sales or marketing title.

Virtual Presentations are done “simu-live,” pre-recorded and delivered to the Data Connectors Team in advance.

In-Person Conference Presentation in PPT format must be submitted at least 10 days in advance of conference date for review.

All deadlines will be listed on the event’s partner resource page sent by email ~2 month before event date.

Target duration for the full sessions is 18- 20 minutes and 8 – 10 minutes for briefings.

If you will just be speaking on a panel please complete the form below but list PANELIST under session title and description.

Data Connectors reserves the right to review all presentation materials. Overtly promotional presentations will be rejected.

For more details please review the Video Best Practices and Guidelines.

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