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About Security Innovation

Software connects the modern world.
Let’s make it secure.

Stop inching forward…

Everyone wants to solve cybersecurity software challenges and go beyond reactive (but necessary) stopgaps. However, most security providers address symptoms and not the root cause.

Security Innovation’s approach is different – by pragmatically transferring our security expertise across all software security stakeholders, from developers to the C-suite, we help teams get smarter about software security so they are prepared for future challenges.  We can do this because, as a SaaS and assessment provider, we face the same threats our clients do. We also understand the challenges of taking a risk-based approach to software development and operations.

We’ve helped global clients defend software applications and sensitive data for almost two decades from cyber threats and attacks. We understand the challenges facing today’s enterprise, where reputation and customer trust are on the front lines. That’s why we continually work to discover and overcome the latest security threats with our Centers of Excellence and integrate this knowledge into every training and assessment solution we deliver.



Over the past 20 years, Security Innovation has won over 50 industry awards at the company, executive, and solution levels.

2020 – 2021 – Educating the World on Software Security

In 2021, we won the prestigious Silver Edison Award™ for our Forescient Cloud Cyber Range joining the likes of Dupont, Carrier, Google Maps, Merck, GoPro, and many others. That same year our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range was awarded (for the third time) the BIG Innovation Award for demonstrating our company’s expertise and commitment to bringing new innovative ideas to life.

In 2020, we received Gold for the “Best Cyber Security Education Provider” and Silver for the “Best Security Company” from the Cyber Security Excellence Awards. To close out a successful year, we were awarded the Fortress Cyber Security Award for our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range and its impact on securing companies and applications from everyday threats.

These accolades showcase our dedication to delivering meaningful solutions and training in the cybersecurity industry.