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The RevBits Story

Bringing the best cybersecurity software and services to every organization.
RevBits improves cyber defense for organizations of all sizes through
its extensive cybersecurity solutions administered
through a unified platform.
RevBits was founded in 2016 by CTO Mucteba Celik, as a cybersecurity services provider for penetration testing, malware analysis, code review, and incident response. Initially, RevBits focused on malicious cybersecurity events faced by their customers and instituting efforts to mitigate the damage done by those events. In this capacity, RevBits became more aware of the flaws in cybersecurity solutions that were deployed within client environments. Through this exposure, Mucteba recognized the need for a more modern approach to cybersecurity solutions and their capabilities.By 2018, RevBits identified a wide range of vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the incumbent cybersecurity vendor offerings, significantly and repeatedly exposing organizations to critical breaches. Invariably, the solution improvements demanded design changes, enhancements, and expanding feature sets.

Identifying the issues resulted in RevBits spearheading the in-house development of a series of next-gen cybersecurity products to address these gaps. Through innovative design and patented technologies, in early 2020, the RevBits product portfolio was launched and ultimately included RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP)/XDR; RevBits Email Security with both endpoint and SEG protections; RevBits Endpoint Security/EDR, RevBits Privileged Access Management, RevBits Deception Technology, and RevBits Zero Trust Network.

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