As organizations modernize, the vendor ecosystem on which they rely grows larger and more complex. The vendor ecosystem, which Gartner refers to as the “external attack surface”, includes any external application or storage that is utilized by your organization, as well as any vendors of your direct vendor.

As career security professionals ourselves, we know security teams need the kind of visibility and prioritization that goes well beyond the typical scorecard. Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security Platform iterates through every connection, link, code embed, DNS reference, etc. to build a complete risk assessment for your PKI, TLS, Cloud, DNS, and web connections.

To reduce false positives and help you prioritize critical tasks, findings are ranked by severity using a multi-layered scoring system and presented as actionable data in a web-based dashboard. Your team has a complete view of all your internet-accessible assets, the specific connections each asset has to external resources, and any vendor dependencies.

Cyberpion is trusted by Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries including banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics, energy and utilities, retail and consumer goods, and media and telecom.

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