Consortium Networks

We educate and connect the IT security community through the power of people and crowdsourced threat intelligence.

Consortium Networks is committed to providing businesses with the most relevant, up-to-date technology information, with a focus on cybersecurity. By connecting technology customers, vendors, and experts, we strive to be the go-to resource for guidance regarding all your IT requirements. We are the first organization dedicated to providing real-world feedback and data on solutions in operation in production environments at peer organizations.

The more knowledge we have as a collective, the safer we all are. Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication, and cost. It is predicted that by 2021, cybercrime damage will cost the world an excess of $6 trillion. As a security professional, it’s critical to understand the most effective solutions out there along with actions you can take to prevent and/or minimize the impact and devastation of a cyberattack. This is where Consortium can help.

Consortium provides the knowledge and tools IT security professionals need to overcome the challenges they face every day. Through our no-cost resources, we provide expert operational know-how, crowdsourced intelligence platforms, threat training, and more. In addition, we are a trusted reseller of top-notch security products—all which are extensively evaluated by our team before adding to our suite of offerings.

Think of us as an all-inclusive source of technology information that helps you sort through the myriad of security offerings while creating valuable business relationships and providing a means to do your job more effectively. The best part is…most of what we offer is totally free, with no strings attached.

Consortium Networks is an approved veteran-owned small business.