Hello From The World Of Data Security And Compliance

We help customers close security and compliance gaps to avoid data breaches. Our forensic, penetration testing, and audit teams identify best security practices and simplify compliance mandates (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR). As an Approved Scanning VendorQualified Security AssessorCertified Forensic Investigator, we have tested over 1 million systems for security.

A Bit Of History

In 1998, CEO Brad Caldwell recognized the need for affordable data security for the masses after his company’s website was hacked. At the time, the only organization qualified to help his business through the damaging compromise was extremely expensive. Caldwell realized small organizations not only need affordable forensic investigations, but also simple tools to protect them from hacks in the first place.
Since its founding in 2000, privately-held SecurityMetrics has grown from a small security company specializing in vulnerability assessment scans to a global leader of data security and compliance solutions with over 300 employees. Today headquartered in Orem, Utah, SecurityMetrics continues to provide the expert services Caldwell so desperately needed to small and large organizations around the world.

We Take Care Of Our Customers

Friendly and informative customer service is the cornerstone of our company. We have the largest in-house call center in the payments industry and take over 135,000 calls each month. Since our founding, we have tested over 1 million systems, from Fortune 500 businesses to small retailers, for data security and compliance.