SafePaaS is a leading cloud platform for enterprise risk management solutions, recognized by leading IT analysts and recommended by major audit firms. SafePaaS delivers a single source of truth for all Audit, Risk, and Compliance needs. It is the single most utilized policy-based access control platform for detecting and controlling risk in enterprise applications with over 5.7 million ERP users on a single most reliable, secure, scalable platform. The platform offers control applications, API services, and content to detect, remediate, mitigate and prevent risks to the digital enterprise. Application suites on SafePaaS include AccessPaaS™ for audit-ready reporting, access request management, privileged access monitoring, automated fulfillment, identity analytics, and workflow orchestration; MonitorPaaS™ for Configuration controls, Master Data tracking, and Transaction monitoring in ERP systems; ProcessPaaS™ to embed preventive controls in business processes; and, ARCPaaS™ to automate Audit, Risks, and Compliance Management.