Cyber Watch Systems

Cyber Watch Systems is a cyber security firm with a focus on emerging risks and technologies to keep you on the forefront of today’s threat protection solutions. We specialize in consulting services, managed services, and product selection to deliver your end-to-end security needs.

ThreatX is the leader in protecting organizations against sophisticated attacks targeting their APIs and web applications. The company’s API Attack Protection platform makes the world safer by protecting APIs from all threats, including DDoS attempts, BOT attacks, API abuse, exploitations of known vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. ThreatX’s attacker-centric behavioral analytics capability secures APIs from advanced security threats across cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments. Our multi-layered detection capabilities accurately identify malicious actors and dynamically initiate defensive action to protect known, rogue and zombie APIs. In addition, our Managed Services combine threat hunting with access to experts 24×7, significantly reducing the direct operational costs and maintenance for enterprises. With our advanced API protection platform, managed services and threat research, ThreatX effectively and efficiently protects APIs for companies in every industry across the globe.