Our Story

Adlumin’s team has a passion for technology and solving the most difficult problems and gaps in cybersecurity.

What makes Adlumin different?

Adlumin helps customers comply, detect, prioritize, and respond in real-time.
New cracks and zero-day exploits form on a minute-by-minute basis across the enterprise—and at an exponential rate every time an endpoint, Operating System, or application receive updates. To combat this, Adlumin’s Platform automatically hunts 24/7/365, finding the newest cracks being exploited, providing cyber resources the ability to visualize and correct the issue in real-time.

What does Adlumin mean?

The latin root words for Adlumin mean to “add light.” The founding principle of the company is to improve our customer’s visibility of every user, service, and application account, endpoint and device activity on that customer’s network.

Our Vision
The All-Seeing Eye

Adlumin’s vision is to revolutionize the way organizations secure sensitive data. Our patented security and compliance automation platform provides real-time visibility and analysis using machine learning and industry expertise from the world’s finest investigators and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Adlumin’s platform improves overall network health and efficiencies of cyber resources as they work to protect critical data. The platform also provides real-time insight into compliance violations and deficiencies through proprietary technologies and background automation. No human intervention or analysis is required to understand internal and/or external threats.

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