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InfraGard is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and members of the private sector for the protection of U.S. Critical Infrastructure. Through seamless collaboration, owners and operators within critical infrastructure are connected to the FBI, to provide education, information sharing, networking, and workshops on emerging technologies and threats. Vetted membership includes: business executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, security personnel, military and government officials, IT professionals, academia and state and local law enforcement—all dedicated to contributing industry-specific insight and advancing national security.

The InfraGard National Members Alliance, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is comprised of 78 chapters across the country.

About Us

The InfraGard National Members Alliance is an FBI-affiliated nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening national security, community resilience and the foundation of American life. InfraGard is one of the FBI’s longest-running outreach programs and its largest public/private partnership, with 80,000 members representing 78 InfraGard chapters nationwide.

What does InfraGard Protect?

Critical infrastructure is the foundation of American life. There are 16 critical infrastructure sectors whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.

  • Chemical
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Communications
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Dams
  • Defense Industrial Base
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare & Public Health
  • Information Technology
  • Nuclear
  • Transportation Systems
  • Water & Wastewater Systems

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