May 18, 2023

Midwest Virtual
Cybersecurity Summit

Please refer to this page for all necessary event details, and to submit all required files before the event to best optimize your event ROI. 

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Engagez Virtual Venue

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Dates & Times

May 18, 8:00 AM CT

Presentations & Requirements

Guidelines & Requirements

Presentation Requirements

16:9 Format

Include the Conference Title Slide

Dress code: Smart Business Casual


Content Restrictions

Educational/non-promotional content

All materials are subject to review

Respect deadlines; late materials will not be accepted

PLEASE NOTE: Presentations must be submitted "2 weeks prior to the event."

Subject to Approval

Submit your files & company details

Logo Submittal

New? Changed your branding?
Submit files & details below.

Session Details

Submit session, presentation,
and abstract details.

Commercial or Video

Submit a commercial to be featured during breaks on the main stage!


Submit presentation files must be submitted by the Monday of the week before the event.
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How to Participate

Virtual Prize Drawings

When submitting your Exhibit Registration Form, please select that you would like to participate in the prize drawing and inform us what you plan to give away as your prize.

Based on this information, Data Connectors will create a prize tile in your booth with an image of the prize. We will then embed a form that will auto-populate for attendees to submit their information and enter the prize drawing.

Who Won?

Promo codes are not validated and can be anything you and your team decide prior to the summit, but due to our automated selection process, any prospect you would like to win the prize MUST include DCP. It can be found in the beginning, middle or end but the three letters must be together.

– 12DCP56

• To export the leads, click Features under the Administer menu.
• Under Getting Started, there is a hyperlink that says Manage Forms
• After clicking Manage Forms, you will see your prize card drawing form. Click Report to view the submissions and Download to download them.

In order to ensure fair play it is Data Connectors’ policy that a winner can only be selected for 1 prize. The DC algorithm selects the best option based on a user’s booth engagement, conversations with staff and the select attendees with DCP in their code.

Social Toolkit

Social Sharing

Please use the hashtag #CyberSecConf on all posts and materials!