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Welcome, esteemed VIPs, to the exclusive Chicago Cybersecurity Conference. You've been personally granted access to this elite gathering, where you'll have the distinct privilege of hearing from the industry's leading experts from across the nation. These insights are reserved for individuals of your caliber, essential for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Within these digital walls, you'll find yourself among industry professionals and thought-leaders to interact with representatives from the world's top cybersecurity solution providers and too keep you informed on how to safeguard your organizations digital assets. This is your chance to forge connections and share knowledge with your fellow cybersecurity professionals, in an environment tailored exclusively for VIPs like you.

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Featured Speakers

Kenrick Bagnall
President, CISO & Co-Founder at CyberNexus
Ed Adams
President & CEO of Security Innovation
Mike Prado
Deputy Assistant Director (SES), HSI Cyber Crimes Center (C3)
Daniel Honore
Milwaukee Advisor at CISA
Bruce Esposito
Global Strategist at One Identity
Lyle Kelly
System Engineering Manager – Central Region US at Forescout
Matt Osegard
Mike Prado
Deputy Assistant Director at DHS Cyber Crimes Center (C3)
Maggie MacAlpine
Director of Cybersecurity Partnerships and Evangelism at Seceon
Dennis Hall
Director, CIAM at Descope
Richard Smith
Director at Data Theorem
Gary Sussman
Data Resilience Expert and Sales Engineer at ArcServe
Brett Cunningham
Co-Founder at SecuritySnares
Jerome Ferrara
Principal Product Specialist at LastPass
Toby Miller
vCISO at The SWYM Group
Sebastiaan Gybels
Sr. Solution Architect Cloudflare
Jonathan Davis
Director of Field Strategy at Silverfort
David Wooden
IT Director at Se-Kure
Keith Powell
Director, Security Specialist at Microsoft
Chandra Pandey
Founder and CEO at Seceon
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Our cybersecurity conferences empower you to make a personal connection with potential customers. Get your brand in front of key decision-makers who come to our conference looking for solutions to their security challenges.

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