Several members of the Data Connectors community, including companies like Security Scorecard, Rapid7 and Cybereason, are teaming up with industry leaders across government, academia, non-profit organizations and other private-sector organizations to form a Ransomware Task Force.

This group was organized by the Institute for Security and Technology (IST), who plans to convene the task force and begin work in January 2021. At that point, the organization will launch a website highlighting the leadership roles and complete list of members.

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IST convened this group with the understanding that one organization or industry can’t face the ever-growing threat of ransomware attacks happening throughout the world. Such a task requires collaboration between public and private sectors, plus legal and academic scholars, insurance professionals and international organizations. 

“Ransomware incidents have been growing unchecked, and this economically destructive cybercrime has increasingly led to dangerous, physical consequences. Hospitals, school districts, city governments, and others have found their networks held hostage by malicious actors seeking payouts,” IST wrote in its blog, which announced the task force. “This crime transcends sectors and requires bringing all affected stakeholders to the table to synthesize a clear framework of actionable solutions, which is why IST and our coalition of partners are launching this Task Force for a two-to-three month sprint.”

The Institute cited its list of founding members to include the following:

Aspen Digital
The Cyber Threat Alliance
The CyberPeace Institute
The Cybersecurity Coalition
The Global Cyber Alliance
Shadowserver Foundation
Stratigos Security
Team Cymru
Third Way
UT Austin Strauss Center

Concerns surrounding ransomware are nothing new, but the threat has grown in the last year. The incidence and prevalence of ransomware attacks prompted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to publish a new set of guidelines in September 2020. 

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